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NOODLES! Kim Chuy (Chinatown) Review

I LOVE noodles and was going through noodle withdrawal so my Mom took pity on me and took my sister and I to Kim Chuy for lunch yesterday.

Kim Chuy hasn’t been talked about much on this board and I wonder why. It’s hands-down my 2nd favorite noodle restaurant in Chinatown after Mandarin Deli. I’ve been going all my life and can remember being bribed with their noodles before being dragged to Chinese School on Saturdays when I was a kid. They don’t need more business (they’re always packed at lunch) but I thought I’d share with my fellow chowhounds anyway.

It’s the first restaurant on the left when you enter Far East Plaza from Broadway. You sit down where the host/hostess points you to, even if that means sharing a table with strangers becuase it’s the only space available. There is no decor to speak of – in fact, I’d even say it’s ventures on the seedy side. Then you order from the waiters who are aloof in that very-Chinese way (that’s not an insult necessarily! I’m Chinese too!). My favorite is soup noodles so I can heartily recommend their special – “Chiu Chow Rice Noodle Soup”. And, if it’s fresh, order some “yuw-tiew” (Chinese donuts) with that. 5 minutes later out comes a big bowl filled with wonderful flavorful steaming hot broth and soft rice noodles and various meats – a piece of roast duck, 2 fish or pork meatballs, a slice of fish cake, krabmeat, squid. Throw in some dried red chili flakes and dig in. SO good. Dip in the yuw tiew to soak up that tasty broth and you’re set. You can even add extra noodles to the bowl for 50 cents more. It’s definitely in my top 5 comfort foods.

Just a note though – I only order their noodle soups. Other people I go with will order dry noodles or other dishes and while they’re good, their soup noodles are what we usually go for.

Ha, my sister remembers the time that she was heartbroken when she broke up with her first serious boyfriend. There we were in the restaurant and she was crying her eyes out and had no appetite to speak of but she dug in and ate the entire bowl anyway. You just can’t resist it when it’s placed in front of you. Good stuff 🙂

Happy chowing!